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Re: Getting started
Not too shy to talk
6/19 21:04:52
From Meridian, idaho
Posts: 17
The switch is already out and the bezel is gone unfortunately.

Posted on: 6/23 8:28:37
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Re: Getting started
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 15202
There is a 56 wiring diagram in the literature section. Ignition switch has the modern standard of BAT, ACC, IGN and Start terminals. The 54-56 key start switches Packard used are not the most robust and IMO, Packard kind of overloaded them. Failures are much more frequent than the 53 and earlier switches and yours could have a bad internal contact.

Posted on: 6/23 8:33:47
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Re: Getting started
Just can't stay away
2015/12/9 15:00
From Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 57
On the gas tank, as of 4:30 pm EDT today, Auto City Classics DOES have them in stock. They recommend calling them to order, (800) 828-2212. Current price $349. I had to bend the filler pipe as it was too low behind the filler door. Included is a picture of the template I used for bending. The black outline is the new tank, the red is the original Packard tank.

Attach file:

jpg  GasFillerTemplate.jpg (1,127.62 KB)
110960_5d11388623570.jpg 1280X960 px

Posted on: 6/24 13:55:14
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Re: Getting started
Just can't stay away
1/30 23:11:56
From Sydney, NSW, Australia
Posts: 99

Looks like you have a job ahead of you with the 1956 Executive Touring Sedan.

Worth the effort, though. I have a 1956 Clipper Deluxe with TL suspension, auto etc. It's right hand drive from new, and a lovely car to drive. I was intrigued by the wheels on yours. Sort of thing often fitted to trailers here. Easy enough because the hubs on these cars are 5-bolt by 5" diameter - same as many Fords (and trailers!). I have a set of Packard wire wheels waiting to be fitted to mine. These have had the centres modified, because the senior cars (which they were made for) have 4 1/2" diameter centres. I think the wheels currently on mine are also from a Ford, but they work with the standard covers. Not sure how. I have a spare hood mascot, which I guess is the same as yours. Little bit of pitting, but quite presentable. Don't think I have the Clipper script, but will check.

It's very encouraging the the TL seemed to work when you powered it up. There's usually a switch under the dash on the left hand side to turn it on or off. Obviously needs to be off if you jack the car up or leave it for a while with the battery connected. Mine has a manual radio antenna, locally sourced AM radio etc. and electric wiper conversion following replacement of the oil pump (and loss of the vacuum function). Also has a 4-barrel inlet manifold, Edelbrock 4-barrel carby and dual exhaust. Drives extremely well.

Let me know if you're interested in the hood ornament. I'll check whether I have spare "Clipper" script.



Posted on: 6/27 3:44:13
1941 120 Club Coupe
1956 Clipper Deluxe (RHD and auto) - for the wife, or so I told her!
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Re: Getting started
Home away from home
2014/7/15 11:30
From Terrebonne, OR
Posts: 1187
As mentioned earlier, if your hood has holes for script, then it isnít the correct one and is likely from a Clipper so youíll have to fill or just ignore the holes. The Packards, including the Executive, had no lettering on the front.

Posted on: 6/27 14:49:52
All generalities are false.

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