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Re: Transmission removal
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I'm not aware of any cherry picker style engine crane that's suited for top removal of engine and trans.

I have never pulled an Ultramatic from underneath and always take out the complete assembly from above although typically without manifolds. My engine lift is a cheapie but old so possibly stronger than those made today. Of course, I am not after the transmission itself so if that's the part you want to take out for work, there is no reason not to do it from underneath!

Posted on: 1/16 14:01
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Re: Transmission removal
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Back in the day we always removed the Ultramatics from under the car. It involved jacking up the car high enough to get the transmission out. We had good floor jacks and jack stands. The top trans to bell housing bolts needed a long extension and a universal type socket. We used a trans cradle that fit in a floor jack to support the trans to roll it out from under the car. It took us about 2-hours to do this job, as I recall. Not a fun job, but that's the way we did it.

Be very careful when jacking up the car and make sure you have good and strong jack stands. Can't emphasize this enough. You will also need a cradle in which to secure the trans. If you don't have one of these, then removing the trans and engine together is probably the best way.

Good luck.

Posted on: 1/17 12:01
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Re: Transmission removal
Home away from home
Home away from home

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About 8 years ago I had my 51 Packard up on J/stands to do 4 wheel brake job. I had been given a rebuilt ultramatic trans and decided to do the trans change at the same time. I guess because I didn't know any better I got stacks of wood blocks 2 floor jacks and went to work laying on a creeper pulled the drive line, disconnected spedo, wires, bolts on the rear trans mount and support, etc. One of the floor jacks was placed with blocks of wood under the rear of the engine and the other floor jack was under the trans pan with more wood to support the trans. I was then able to pull the trans mount cross member and removed all the bolts at the bell housing...don't remember if the Torque con., came out on the shaft or not. Used the floor jack to move the trans while adjusting the front floor jack going back and forth I finally got the trans back far enough to roll it back and lowered the floor jack pulling the jack out with trans. I'm sure there's other stuff like checking the motor mounts, etc., but I did this by myself taking probably 3 hours. Knowing what I know now I'd have a helper.

Posted on: 1/18 13:42
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