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Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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I have access to a rebuilt 1949 288 H213568. I have a 1951 288 J227732 in the 1951 200 2498 now. Can I swap these? If so, what has to change? The 49 is a manual and the 51 is an Ultramatic.

Posted on: 2/18 14:36
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Re: Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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The transmission change is not too much of an issue because the bell housings will interchange and most other trans related stuff between the two type trans is bolt on. The problem you will have is with the combined motor and transmission mounts.

The 49 models had a plate that bolted on the front of the engine to provide a support for a single engine mount and yoke which went to the front crossmember under the engine. There are two more mounts on either side of the transmission to complete a 3 point arrangement. In 51 that was reversed with the engine having 2 mounts that bolt on either side of the block and go over to the frame with the Ultramatic having a single mount relocated to the rear bottom of the transmission.

Because of the bolt on front plate it is relatively easy to transfer all the mount hardware to install a 51 and later engine in a 40-50 model but that is not the case if going the other way trying to install the earlier engine into a 51 and later model. Not saying it cannot be done but do not know of anyone who has tried. Prior to 51 there are no holes or any cast mounting bosses on the sides of the block for mounts. You would need to come up with something and I am not sure the casting thickness of the 49 block wall would be strong or thick enough to get away with just drilling and tapping holes..

Here are photos showing the difference.

Attach file:

jpg  40-50 mount.jpg (303.68 KB)
209_63f13c4595018.jpg 806X1094 px

jpg  51-4 mount.jpg (325.78 KB)
209_63f13c512e3d9.jpg 968X1342 px

Posted on: 2/18 15:20
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Re: Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Don
See User information
It really depends on the year in which you are installing it. A pre-1951 engine would not have the mount area cast into it if installing in a 1951 or later car. On the other hand, if installing a 1951 or later engine into a pre-1951, the pre-1951’s front plate and engine mount would have to be used.

For your in stance, it would not work as it would have no mounts.

Posted on: 2/18 15:57
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Re: Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288
Home away from home
Home away from home

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If you cannot end up using this 288 I know someone who would be interested in it, has a need perhaps for a rebuilt 1949, also with a manual transmission.

Posted on: 2/18 16:06
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Re: Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288
Home away from home
Home away from home

Fish'n Jim
See User information
Most things can be adapted, so it's probably not a drop in as noted.
Why would you not consider to rebuild your '51 engine? or is block toast?

My '49 has the front "bow" mount, as it sits on the cradle in the garage and it simply attaches to the frame on each side, so if that area is cut out/adapted it could be transplantable.
I'm not sure how the frames differ, but cradling is common, a few extension tabs. ie, fabbed, non-Pack OEM. A racing engine will have a plate/mounts made to attach it. It would just have to be stout enough to support the weight and torq. No HP here.

Posted on: 2/19 12:00
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