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Hershey 2020
Forum Ambassador
2007/12/12 21:29
From Dallas, TX
Posts: 1710
There is chatter within AACA regarding Hershey 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The AACA site has a wider audience, therefore I have started a discussion string there.
Please consider adding to that discussion.

Posted on: 5/24 8:10:28
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Re: Hershey 2020
Home away from home
2007/10/28 7:49
Posts: 2381
My AACA doesn't work anymore. I'm not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, providing I don't have to move. My employer has been shut down since March 24. And besides, if they found out I was going around in risky places they would shut off my access. They have spent a fortune on clean up because of this situation. Let Fox news and the twitter nit-wits whine and stage all the protests they want, big corporations are dictatorships and if you don't want to follow the guidelines then you are thrown out.

A peculiar aside, all the stray cats have disappeared. There were seven of them nearby living out of apartment building dumpsters. If they were eating contaminated garbage I guess they are done. Maybe the virus will help the rat problem in New York City. If those rats get sick from eating garbage that would be awesome.

Posted on: 5/24 20:39:05
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Re: Hershey 2020
Home away from home
2010/8/18 5:19
From Viola, ID (but living in Norfolk, VA)
Posts: 802
If the state is open, and DOD allows me to travel, Iíll be there with bells on. And a mask, if required. Iíve missed too many Hersheys, and 2021 is already off the table :( (work schedule)

Posted on: 5/25 17:40:50
1937 120 1092 - Original survivor for driving and continued preservation.

1937 115 1082 - Total basket case, partially restored (Sold Hershey 2015)

Past Packard storage locations:
Amelia Island, FL
Saratoga Springs, NY
Viola, ID
Groton, CT
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Re: Hershey 2020
Quite a regular
2011/1/5 13:17
From central city,pa.
Posts: 30
KenP i agree with u ill be there too,i see no reason not to hold the meet, thats october,long ways off yet, if people can crowd the beaches ,might as well crowd the Hershey meet,whats the difference ,and if a mask is still reguired in oct, this hole country will be in worse shape then it is now for sure,
See u at Hershey , joe

Posted on: 5/25 21:37:57
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Re: Hershey 2020
Home away from home
2016/3/13 15:24
From Coalmont, B.C., Canada
Posts: 909
I don't think the seriousness or significance of Covid-19 can or should be understated. I do think, however, that we must strike a balance between personal medical health risk and the risk of grave and dire damage to our respective economies, if this lockdown is not lifted or moderated quite soon. There are consequences so far reaching, I believe they will permanently damage economic stability on a global scale. I am currently out on my sailboat for the annual 'spring shakedown cruise'. We usually do a couple of weeks of island hopping in the Gulf Islands and stop at a half dozen or so marinas and anchorages. Obviously, with the borders shut there are no American boats and the Canadians are evidently 'staying home' as it is completely deserted out here. Marinas are in distress, restaurants and bars are on the edge of solvency and even the places that ARE open, say business is down so much, it's hardly worth it. I see it as a very serious situation and that is just in this one, isolated industry! What about the other 99%?!?!? Having said that, I think it is very much 'time' to get back to business. Those who are deemed to be 'high-risk' folks can continue to self-isolate (they should be anyway!) and the rest of us need to find ways to be able to get together and make it work. Hershey is an institution and, as stated, is as much about the social aspect as it is about showing cars and flea-marketing parts. It SHOULD go ahead and WHATEVER is required to make that work, should happen. I was booked to go to the 2020 Packard Meet in California this year and ended up cancelling due to the pandemic. I'm sure many folks share my disappointment. While I understand the whys and hows of all that, one can only imagine the economic fallout of just one such event being shut down. The hotels, flights, bars and restaurants.... the list goes on and on, and the impact is extreme. We should not let Hershey fall prey to that same fate! Chris

Posted on: 5/26 18:49:20
'If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!' Henry Ford

1939 Six, Model 1700
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Re: Hershey 2020
Forum Ambassador
2007/3/14 16:01
From New Jersey
Posts: 16072
It's official, Hershey Fall Meet 2020 is cancelled.

Info via a widely distributed email from the AACA Hershey Region received about two hours ago.

Posted on: 5/28 15:34:31
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Re: Hershey 2020
Home away from home
2008/2/16 15:39
From Santa Fe
Posts: 5397
This action will most likely save many from infection and death. It was the responsible thing to do given the current situation. Sad, but necessary along with all the other cancellations. Take care and stay well.

Posted on: 5/29 11:05:56
Packards Owned -
37 Six (115C) Convertible Coupe (1089) - Now in Belgium
47 Clipper Custom Super Touring Sedan (2122) - Now in Virginia
55 Cipper Super Sedan (5542) - Now in Maryland

We move toward and make happen what occupies our mind. (W. Scherer)
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Re: Hershey 2020
Home away from home
2007/11/18 9:02
From Dalton, NY
Posts: 2365
As sadden as I am to know this, considering those most adversely affected by the virus is largely the age demographic who are the majority of Hershey attendees, its a wise, necessary decision.

Stay safe and well, we're all in this together.


Posted on: 5/29 14:53:30
.....epigram time.....
Proud 1953 Clipper Deluxe owner.
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