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Matching engine and chassis numbers
Just popping in
Just popping in

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Does anyone know how to find out if the engine number matches the chassis number?

Posted on: 5/5 13:33
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Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Believe Packard stopped using chassis or frame numbers in the early 30s. From then until 1955 there was only a Vehicle number and a Motor Number and those were not the same number. Very few of the old records still exist so without original paperwork showing both numbers there is no way to verify the original numbers assigned to the car.

A bit of confusion can appear in the registration paperwork of many Packard cars because there was no consistency when Packard was still in operation. Some states used the motor number as the documented number and other states used the vehicle number. If the vehicle was originally registered with the motor number and the motor was damaged and a motor from another car was installed that old or original motor number on the paperwork can lead to much frustration when trying to re-register the car today.

In 1955-56 models Packard started using the same number for the vehicle number and the motor number.

Posted on: 5/5 13:51
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Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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What do you mean by "chassis number", vehicle number? Or perhaps frame number? And it would help greatly to know what vintage of Packards you asking about.

Vehicle number and one of the two different type motor numbers were matched in 1955 and 1956. And prior to 1932 a vehicle number and motor number could randomly match.

Posted on: 5/5 13:53
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Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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G'day Kooner,
to PackardInfo.

I invite you to include any Packards you own in the Packard Vehicle Registry.

Posted on: 5/5 19:35

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Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers
Home away from home
Home away from home

Fish'n Jim
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Can't necessarily apply other manufacturers techniques to Packard, like auction speak, "number's matching". eg; It' pretty clear my Cad engine and VIN numbers are the same in the year it was made, and I could get a copy of the build record easily. Not available here.
If there's no documentation with the vehicle about the only thing is check the castings for dates that are appropriate for the model year. The location of the stamped engine numbers changed if I recall correctly, so another "tell", ie, in the right spot.
I think Neal's book(s) has a listing of engine numbers and/or body numbers by year, but my copy's for 22/23 series, but going from memory that's not fresh. I know I researched mine and concluded without provenance it was unmolested based on mileage and condition, etc.
PAC roster keeper may give a better answer, but I doubt it.
I don't know anyone tabulated what records remain as the remaining files are split between PAC and Studebaker museum. There's several "Packard" museums too. Bodies mostly are second party after '40s and Brigg's was bought out in 50s. So the trail is brushed and grown over.

Posted on: 5/5 20:14
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