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Anchors for interior panels?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Jenifer K Johnson
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My '56 Patrician came with an amusing variety of mismatched screws on interior panels, particularly around the windows. Consequently, some of the corresponding screw holes in the frame sections underneath are stripped out. Using larger screws means having larger screw heads, which don't sit well. Is there any type of anchor folks use to secure the correct screws in the too-big holes? I'm looking at 1/8" Hillman Pop Toggles, but think they may be too long for the interior space. RV people use them, but RV walls have more space behind the panel. Thanks!

Posted on: 9/22 23:04
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Re: Anchors for interior panels?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Depending on where the hole is located and if you can get behind it, one possibility might be to epoxy a flat speed nut under the hole replacing the oversized hole with the proper speednut for the size of the screw thread. ... -nuts-for-tapping-screws/

If it is a blind hole, there are also tubular speed nuts which just push down inside the hole. The hole might need to be enlarged even farther to accommodate the diameter of the speednut. While they are designed for use with smooth studs and not tapping screws, some of them are open bottomed and MIGHT work. ... s-Tubular-Type_c_292.html Downloading their pdf catalog and printing the illustrations of the speednuts in actual size would be a good guide to pick a size.

There are also rivet nuts which generally need a tool to be installed but the process can be done without with a bit of ingenuity. Those holes also might need to be enlarged. The rivets are internally threaded and designed for machine type threads but after installation you could drill the old threads out so a sheet metal type screw could cut its thread. Better home stores and hardware stores usually have kits with the proper tool and a stock of assorted size rivets or you can also buy them from McMaster-Carr.

Posted on: 9/23 0:09
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Re: Anchors for interior panels?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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This is the trick I use when a hole for a sheet metal screw is too large: Simply take a short piece of fine steel tie wire and bend a hook on the end. Insert the long end in the hole and let it hang there. When you insert the screw the wire takes up the extra space. You may need to tape these little helpers in place on the door whilst you maneuver the window frame back into place.

Posted on: 9/23 6:55
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Re: Anchors for interior panels?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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I have similarly used smaller cotter pins (the eye) - cut one leg off, hold with other.

Holes for the inside door window trim are tricky. The holes are slotted in sheet metal tabs, which tend to spread open. Next time I'm in there, I might try sourcing some j-nuts for those, but space is limited.

Gotta be careful with that, though. IIRC, those screw support the glass run channel, above belt.

Posted on: 9/23 8:44
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Re: Anchors for interior panels?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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G'day Jenifer K Johnson,
to PackardInfo.

I invite you to include your '56 Patrician in the Packard Vehicle Registry.

Posted on: 9/23 17:52

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