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1929 640 Brakes
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I am adjusting the brakes on my 1929 640 Phaeton and have run into a problem that has me stumped. I have the Bendix Packard brake adjusting information and have been following it. With the car on jack stands and the brake applied, when I turn the wheels to the left, the left wheel is locked, but the right one will turn. When I turn the wheel to the right, the right wheel is locked and the left one turns. Per the instructions, I have adjusted the front brakes so that with the brake applied with 50 pounds pressure they both turn with equal resistance. I can't figure what is causing one wheel to lock up when the steering wheel is turned. The front brake system is the type that uses a Perrot shaft. Any ideas or suggestions.

Posted on: 11/16 17:55
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Re: 1929 640 Brakes
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
That really doesn't make any sense, they shouldn't lock up just because they're being turned. It would likely be that the shoes are cranked too far out.

I have a '29 633 and the brakes are a constant source of irritation. That Bendix brake suppiment they put out looks nice but it doesn't solve the problems real world. With my car, I've found that having the car jacked up and adjusting the brakes doesn't do a whole lot of good, because when she goes back on the ground the trajectory of the brake rods changes and everything you just adjusted goes right out the window.

I've gotten now to where I just adjust them with the car sitting on the ground and use trial and error to get them about right. They are FAR from synchronized with each other and the back two do a lot more work than the front two on my car, but, they work a lot better now than when I got it.

Following the manual to the tee, I adjusted mine about a year ago with all four wheels off the ground, set her back down, and both rear wheels wouldn't roll forwards - the brakes locked instantly going forward, but going backwards, they were fine. I gave up using the suppliment after that! Back off the rods a bit, that should solve the problem, but, it's a rather unusual one. Good luck!

Posted on: 11/17 9:43
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