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An Index to Service Information for 1935-37 Junior (120->115C) Packards

1935-37 Junior (120->115C) - RADIATOR & COOLING

Anti-Freeze Restriction
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solution
acceptable types/brands - characteristics
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solution, Care of
expected shortage - rust inhibitor
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solution, Injurious
limitation order - damaging products
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solutions
re-use of saved ethylene glycol permitted - strengthening, reinhibitor
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solutions, Care
wartime shortage - use, testing, renewing, storing
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Solutions, Care of
future availability, saving - follow supplier recommendation
(all models)
Anti-Freeze Tester, New Type
for new Prestone type - specific gravity changed
(all models)
Anti-Freeze, Alcohol as an
ethylene glycol replacement - thermostat, leaks, non-pressure cap for 19th-20th
(all models)
Anti-Freeze, Draining
future availability, discarding - rust inhibitor additive for water
(all models)
Antifreeze in Factory Car Shipments
Prestone shortage, shipped with alcohol - high reading thermostats, heater equipment
Cleaning Water Systems
scale/rust, overheating - chemical cleaner, rust inhibitor
(all models)
Cleaning Water Systems
scale/rust, overheating - chemical cleaner, rust inhibitor
(all models)
Cleaning Water Systems
scale/rust, overheating, delayed cleaning - chemical cleaner
(all models)
Cooling System, Care of the
hot spots, detonation - inspection/flushing, rust inhibitor
(all models)
Fan Belt Adjustment
installed loose - break-in
SL Vol. 9, No. 7
Fan Belt Renewal
shorter belt life - inspection
(all models)
Fan, Service
low speed cooling - new, larger diameter fan
Hose Cutter, Rubber
new special tool - bulk hose
(NOTE: page missing from archived document)
(all models)
Hot Weather Cooling
radiator filling, general checks - special service fan
Leaks, Repairing Cooling System
Wonderweld utility item - proper use
All Models
Prestone anti-freeze - use of higher concentration
All Models
Radiator Capacity
cooling system capacity - correction
Radiator Core - Short Cuts on Service Operations
removal - leaving front sheet metal in place
SL Vol. 9, No. 10
Radiator Drain Cock Wrench
new special tool - difficult position
Radiator Lifter
new special tool - lifting radiator and fenders as one
SL Vol. 9, No. 9
Radiator Shell Ornament Wrench
new special tool - also for rear camshaft bearing plate
SL Vol. 9, No. 20
Radiator Shutter Thermostats
specifications, identification - part reference
Radiators and Cooling Systems, Rustproofing
expired cooling solutions - cleaning/flushing, anti-freeze
(all models)
Rust Preventative
amount, period - directions
(NOTE: page missing from archived document)
(all models)
Rust Preventative
new cars shipped drained - add inhibitor with fill
(all models)
SL Vol. 9, No. 10
Rust, Preventing
formation, cooling system damage - rust inhibiting agent
(all models)
Warm Weather Service
engine/cooling system - inspection/maintenance
(all models)
Water Distributing Tube (Manifold)
persistent overheating - function, inspection, corrosion
Water Pump Packing Nut Wrench
new special tool - proper angle
SL Vol. 9, No. 19
Water Pump Tool Set
new special tools - bushing driver, burnisher
Water Temperature
slow speed overheating - new, extra capacity fan
SL Vol. 9, No. 14
Winter Driving, Preparing Cars for
cooling system checks and maintenance
(all models)
Winter Motor Temperatures
slower driving, shorter trips, fuel economy - radiator/grille covers, higher temperature thermostat
(all models)

SC = Service Counselor
SL = Service Letter
STB = Service Technical Bulletin
SSB = Studebaker Service Bulletin

NOTE: These PDFs were created from High Quality Scans. It is recommended that you Right Click on the link(s) above and do a "Save Target As". This will download the PDF to your machine rather than trying to open and view it over the web.

Disclosures & Disclaimers

Though previously published elsewhere, this work is provided with my full permission for display on the PackardInfo.com website and the personal use of visitors to that site. Any other unauthorized use, however, is expressly prohibited and may be subject to prosecution. Also, because this index was compiled from documents published by the factory, neither the author nor PackardInfo.com are responsible for errors in content arising from source information.

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