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Value of 46 Packard Limo
Just popping in
Just popping in

Matt Lage
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Recently inherited a 46 Packard Limo and trying to determine the value for sale. It appears to have sat garaged for 10 or so years since it was last started so it will take a little effort to get it running. It was used in parades and rented out for weddings etc. and is in beautiful shape. I expect it to start without much effort as the other vehicles in similar shape have. I would love to hear from this group on how to find good comps as there don't seem to be many of the limo models for

I cannot seem to upload pics but I can email.


Attach file:

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Posted on: 12/5 10:09
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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo
Home away from home
Home away from home

West Peterson
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I highly suggest you get it running before you market it. Values have steeply declined recently. Good photos showing the interior are VERY important in coming up with a suggested value. If it's done nicely and with correct materials, that would make it much more desirable. Also, photos of the engine compartment and trunk, please.

If it's not running, I'd say maybe $15,000 as it sits and without seeing a good interior. Less if the interior is vinyl or some other incorrect material.

If it's running (and not needing immediate attention), and with nice interior, I'd say maybe $25,000.

Posted on: 12/5 11:03
West Peterson
1930 Packard Speedster Eight Runabout (boattail)
1940 Packard 1808 w/Factory Air
1947 Chrysler Town and Country sedan
1970 Camaro RS


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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Matt Lage, to PackardInfo.

I invite you to include your '46 Clipper Limo in PackardInfo's Packard Vehicle Registry

Posted on: 12/5 14:55

Bowral, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia
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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Matt, as West was saying, please post some current pics all around the car. Getting a well-kept car running and driving after 10 years is not the end of the world. Especially just running... clean the points, top off the fluids, and change the gas... probably that's all it needs to run. But if you plan to do that, say so and people will give more specific advice.

Posted on: 12/5 16:02
'55 400. Needs aesthetic parts put back on, and electrical system sorted.
'55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo

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Change the oil no matter how clean it looks on the dipstick. The crud settles in the bottom.

Posted on: 12/5 16:40

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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Don
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Drain and flush the fuel system too, putting in fresh petrol. Also, rebuild all five Grace cylinders with modern material and replace the three brake flex lines, then completely flush with new fluid. I prefer DOT5 full synthetic for a longer-lasting system.

Posted on: 12/5 18:31
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Re: Value of 46 Packard Limo
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Packard Don wrote:
Drain and flush the fuel system too, putting in fresh petrol.

What Don says about draining/flushing the fuel system cannot be stressed enough!! Running bad fuel thru an engine that ran great 10 years ago can easily result in an engine with some stuck valves that will run poorly if at all.

The gas tank may not be able to be cleaned without removing it; the metal gas line from the tank to the fuel pump should also be cleaned/flushed. Alternately you can make a small temporary fuel tank out of a metal gallon can or use a boat gas tank, and use rubber fuel line to connect it to the fuel pump inlet. And, if non-ethanol gas is available in your area, use it because the ethanol crap is detrimental to the old style hoses and fuel pump diaphragms in these older cars.

It's a great looking car, so be careful with it! This forum has a huge amount of hard learned information in the heads of the members (not so much me, since I'm still looking for my first Packard) so don't hesitate to ask questions.

Posted on: 12/5 19:15
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