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An Index to Service Information for 1933-36 (10th->14th Series) Packards

1933-36 (10th->14th Series) - BODY

Bodies (Replacement)
not available - field referral process
(all models)
Body Parts Ordering, Custom
Dietrich, LeBaron - body number required, locations
(not specified)
Bumper Bar End Bolt Cover Wrench
new special tool - heat treated
Button Fastener, Upholstery - Curved Needle
two different types - uses
Buttons, Seat Cushion Trim
replacement procedure
(not specified)
Car Washer
new special tool - pressurized air/water
(all models)
Convertible Care, Tops
cleaning, dressing - frequency
(not specified)
Convertible Carpet Cleaner
Senior cars - attacks rubber binder, use soap/water only
SL Vol. 9, No. 24
Convertible Cleaning Tops
damage to rubber - soap/water only
(not specified)
Convertible Cleaning...Tops
dry-brushing, water-rinse - grease removal
(not specified)
Convertible Dressing, New Top
spray-on rejuvenator - black tops
(not specified)
Convertible Raising and Lowering, ...Sedan Top
proper method - illustrated
1402 (963);
1405 (983);
1408 (973);
120B (997)
Convertible Top Dressing, An Improved
black for rubberized or pyroxylin - clear for colors, khaki for burbank
(all models)
Convertible Tops, Sedan
proper method - illustrated
SL Vol. 9, No. 5
Convertible Tops, Victoria
proper method - illustrated
SL Vol. 9, No. 5
Door Handle Spanner Wrench, Ignition Switch and
new special tool - special nut. Twelve
Door Hinge Pin Reamer and Removing Tool
new special tool set - oversize pins, use
SL Vol. 9, No. 12
Door Hinges, New
bushing lubrication - hinge pin now drilled/tapped for cap screw
Garnish Moulding Screws
screws lose, holes enlarged - No. 8 screw with No. 6 head
(all models)
Heat in Bodies
openings in floor boards - battery box cover
(all models)
Heat in Car Interiors
battery box cover off - proper fastening
All Models
Heat in Cars
battery box cover off - proper fastening, reiterated
All Models
Lubrication Gun, Graphite
new special tool - door locks, window channels, etc.
(all models)
Paint Blue Coral
finish protection/restoration - application
(not specified)
Paint Lacquer Polish
dull/rough spots, insufficient drying - proper polishing procedure/materials
(not specified)
SL Vol. 9, No. 24
Paint Lacquer Polish
touch-up spots, improperly dried - proper hand polishing
(not specified)
Paint Scheme X Change
striping color - Old Ivory replacing straw color
(not specified)
Paint Spots
touch-up spots - proper polishing procedure reiterated
(NOTE page missing from archived document)
(not specified)
Paint Sunburned, Why Cars Get
loss of luster - polishing/waxing
(not specified)
SL Vol. 9, No. 10
Running Board Moldings
new style, supersedes old - retrofit, detail parts
SL Vol. 9, No. 4
Seat Cushion Height, Front
clarification - spring assembly mounting, steering heel adjustment
SL Vol. 9, No. 4
Sound Deadener and Water Sealer
new 3M product - application
All Models
Tool Bag Hold Down Strap
fender-well spares - trunk mounting hardware
18th and Prior?
Tops, Lacquering Leatherette
factory procedure - mixing formula
(not specified)
Weather Strips, Door
water run-off - header weather strip in production, rubber dam/wiper for early cars
Weatherstrip Installation, Door
air drafts, dust leaks - trimming door bumpers
(not specified)
SL Vol. 9, No. 24
Weatherstrip, Door
air drafts - rubber by the foot, recommended cement
(not specified)
SL Vol. 9, No. 23
Wind Noise
windshield drain tubes - packing
Window Drain, Ventilating
lock board, supporting blocks grooved - new rubber weatherstrips
Window Moulding (Door)
one-piece, concealed fasteners - removal/installation, tool
Window, Changes in Front Door
regulator, plunger, friction washers - installation, adjustments
Windshield Weatherstrips
leaks around frame - new design
1101 (718-19-23-27)
1104 (758-59-63-67)
1107 (738-39-43-47)
Windshield Wiper - see

SC = Service Counselor
SL = Service Letter
STB = Service Technical Bulletin
SSB = Studebaker Service Bulletin

NOTE: These PDFs were created from High Quality Scans. It is recommended that you Right Click on the link(s) above and do a "Save Target As". This will download the PDF to your machine rather than trying to open and view it over the web.

Disclosures & Disclaimers

Though previously published elsewhere, this work is provided with my full permission for display on the PackardInfo.com website and the personal use of visitors to that site. Any other unauthorized use, however, is expressly prohibited and may be subject to prosecution. Also, because this index was compiled from documents published by the factory, neither the author nor PackardInfo.com are responsible for errors in content arising from source information.

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